FreeON 2021

FreeON The most beautiful moments with your child! Parenting is not only the most important but also the most demanding and precious role in our life. In order to provide you with products for pleasant and carefree time spent with your children, in cooperation with experts and in accordance with the requierements of modern moms we developed a wide range of quality, safe, functional and aestetically perfect products, that will ensure you fun, loving and unforgettable moments with your little ones. Our mission is to provide comfortable, safe and fun childhood to children and give parents the opportunity for loving, carefree and happy parenthood. We always put quality and functionality in the first place because we know that nowadays we are all very busy, therefore practical items which can satisfymany different purposes are being used for a longer time period and provide our children encouraging environment for growth and development. This is crucial and a key advantage of every high quality brand. We have developed three different lines: Street, Car and Home which will delight even the most demanding parents. Parenting has never been more carefree and fun! 2