Tender Moments Embraced by Comfort Moments of rest, cuddling, and sleep are extremely precious during pregnancy and the initial months with a baby. We strive for these moments to endure. Through our premium, handcrafted Bubaby by FreeON textile products, we offer comfort, delightful materials, and beautiful patterns. Pregnant mothers, as well as babies and children, find solace in them. Each corner adorned with our high-quality textile creations transforms into a cozy nest, and every hug becomes a gentle sanctuary. The line Bubaba by FreeON is meticulously crafted in Europe from carefully selected fabrics that adhere to the highest Oeko-Tex 100 standard for sustainable production and are verified to be free of harmful substances. Sleeping bags and children’s nests are designed for peaceful sleep, while children’s bedding invites you to sleepwith beautiful patterns and prints. Nursing pillows aremade for relaxed comfort. The offering is truly diverse, adapting to the needs of parents during different stages of growth, bringing moments of tenderness, comfort, and safety. Bubaba by FreeON Grows with Love The brand Bubaba by FreeON was born in 2011. We realized a silent desire to create and produce our own textile products, and for more than a decade, we have been successfully developing an extremely high-quality range for pregnant women, babies, and toddlers. All products Bubaba by FreeON are designed with a lot of love, attention to detail, and a thoughtful purpose of use. Our significantadvantage lies infabricselection, exclusivelyusingcertifiedmaterials meeting Oeko-Tex 100, which confirms the absence of harmful substances and the sustainable production of finished products. Importantly, all Bubaba by FreeON products are manufactured on European soil, ensuring a higher level of quality from product design to usage. 2 | Bubaba by FreeON